Ralf Kelleners

Ralf Kelleners  has been dedicated to fast cars for over 20 years.

He has been racing  since 1985 in go Karts and be running Kelleners sport, a BMW motor tuning dealership which specializes in engine tuning and performance parts since 1990.
Additionally Ralf has been using his driving skills in various “stunts” for films. Not so much the crashing part of it but more so the precision driving part of it.
In the late 90s Ralf also spent time organizing track days for Porsche dealerships.
Coaching groups of 1 to 10 people and passing on his knowledge gives him great enjoyment.
2008 is the first year he coaches in the American Ferrari Challenge.
So far his driver, Mark Mckenzie, managed to get a couple of podium finishes. See coaching.
In 2006 Kelleners sport ran a race team for several races on the Nuerburgring, including preparing a car for the 24 hours of Nuerburgring and 24 hours of Bahrain. Car owner Forest barber who lives in Texas was thrilled to have the chance of competing outside of the USA, fun was had by all.

Ralf was also able to accumulate a lot of knowledge through his tuning business which concentrates on engine and chassis tuning for BMW s.
The company operates with its own engine tuning and is therefore also able to develop their own components

The link below shows an M6 driving 332 km/h (208 MPH) on a german autobahn.


Here is a 3 series coupe with Kelleners sport wheels and areo components